How We Met:

Patrick and Maria found each other on the Online dating website OkCupid. November 23rd 2014 They had their first date at Holy Land, A Mediterranean restaurant. They immediately hit it off talking about their favorite fictional stories like Harry Potter, Legend of the Seeker and Farscape. They both worked 2nd shift (at different businesses) and so they were able to spend a lot of afternoons together before work. Patrick and Maria found they share a love of animals (both real and the stuffed variety), comedy, video games and being shamelessly weird. It did not take long for them (and everyone around them) to realize they were perfect for each other. On January 7th 2015 they became officially boyfriend/girlfriend and they have been a disgustingly cute couple ever since.


About Maria

Maria Hull

29 years old
Scholastic Books

Maria is a self proclaimed bibliophile, travel junkie, Disney addict, and Harry Potter extraordinaire. She

studied Geography at University Wisconsin - River Falls before she got her job at Scholastic Book Fairs. A job that makes Patrick refer to her as a mad librarian. She is also a bit of a foodie, something that her and Patrick tend to be at odds about with his laid back cooking style. But she enjoys the fact that they share a mutual weirdness. Her ultimate dream would be the travel the world, starting with her first goal of visiting every Disney Park (she’s currently sitting at 3/6 checked off her list.) The reason for the Harry Potter themed wedding is due to Maria’s extreme love of the series, and a dream of a wedding she created long before she even met Patrick.


About Patrick

Patrick Raines

29 years old
Medical Assembly

As a child Patrick enjoyed role-playing mischievous druids while playing D&D. as an adult

the role of knight in shining armor has grown on him. Patrick has always been obsessed with animals and in high school he volunteered at Como Zoo and the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Patrick pursued advanced studies in animal behavior and continues to be help out at Como Zoo where he can. He works for Boston Scientific in medical assembly and looks forward to a future career that allows him to pursue all his interests. In his free time he runs a "Mad Scientist Toy Company". The 3D printers and design skills that Patrick acquired in order to make educational toys turned out to be very useful in making a unique engagement ring that symbolizes Maria’s love of Hogwarts and Disney.